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DeepNeks is a precision agritech start-up. We have created a sustainable and intelligent precision farming solution, targeting the bottom of the pyramid Nigerian farmers.
As innovative engineers turned farmers with a roadmap to revolutionize agriculture in Nigeria and Africa at large through the application of pervasive computing, connectivity and intelligence, we also maintain a high velocity of innovation. Societies can free themselves from the shackle of poverty when they find an efficient way of feeding themselves while earning a respectable living and we are also hopeful that our solution would contribute towards growth in the Nigerian GDP, creation of Jobs through ICT, improving agriculture and food security.
Due to our track record in innovation, our ICT based innovative solutions have gained awards both locally and globally. To put it on record, our solution was presented at the United Nations alongside other five solutions to compete for the $1,000,000 Hult Prize in 2018 amongst more than a hundred thousand submissions worldwide.


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