Do I need to buy diesel or petrol in order to fuel FarmPal2.0?

No, FarmPal2.0 completely runs on solar.

Do I need to buy hose in order to use the FarmPal2.0 kit?

Ordering a complete kit will come together with the hose and other accessories

What is the best water source to use with FarmPal2.0?

Preferably surface water from dams, ponds, rivers, and tube wells (debt must not go beyond 10 meters for optimum performance).

How can I use FarmPal2.0?

Clients will be reached out to for demonstration and technical support. Demonstration videos will also be posted also through our social media handles.

Is there warranty and after sales?

Yes, there is a year warranty and free technical service.

Can I use FarmPal2.0 for other purposes aside irrigation?

Yes, you can use it for poultry and greenhouse climate control, you can also use it to power your house.

Which crop should I use for FarmPal?

You can irrigate Rice, Soya Beans, Groundnut, Maize, other cereals, and leafy vegetables. You can use it together with a drip for vegetables such as tomatoes etc.

Need More Info or Support ?

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